artist article date
Black Crowes Heading for HORDE July 1995
Boxing Ghandis No lights, gizmos or noise October 1996
Buffalo Tom Five albums later ... August 1995
Catherine Better Living Through Noise June 1995
Cracker The great silent majority June 1996
Cracker Not exactly the direct route to stardom June 1996
Da Da The sound and the son June 1996
Darlahood 99% Bulletproof February 1997
John Doe The cycle always repeats December 1995
Drivin' 'N' Cryin' Absolutely Nothing to lose August 1995
Jakob Dylan No Wallflower April 1996
El Vez Mexican Elvis has 'G.I. Ay Ay Blues' September 1996
Gouds Thumb Thumbs up! March 1997
Hoodoo Gurus In a 'Blue Cave' June 1996
Hoodoo Gurus Stoneage Romeos ready to 'Crank' with new release May 1994
Wayne Kramer Fighting a dangerous madness February 1996
Wayne Kramer Fight the powers that be February 1996
Nature The Marquis de Sade and Justine Bateman November 1995
The Nymphs Maggots & Piss April 1992
The Refreshments Let's go down together October 1996
Seed Sowing the 'Rapture' September 1994
Urge Overkill Taking it to the logical extreme September 1995
Voice of The Beehive Scary kissing June 1996
Ween Nashville cats spill the beans on '12 Golden Country Greats' July 1996
Weezer Weirder by the day April 1994
Wilco Totally rejuvenated April 1995
You & What Army Kind'a wanna June 1996






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